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Handles Reference

TouchDraw 2 uses the color and decoration to differentiate the different functions of the handles so that you can quickly identify what they do. The following is a table of the different handles and their function.

Image Handle Description
Bounds Handle The Bounds Handle is used to change the width and height of a shape.
Group Bounds Handle The Group Bounds Handle is used to change the width and height of a group. The center dot in the handle is provided to let you know you have selected a group of figures, as opposed to a single figure.
Path Start Handle The Path Start Handle indicates which point or a path is the starting point.
Path End Point Handle The Path End Point Handle indicates which point is an end (or start, depending on how you look at it) point of a line or curve segment within a path.
Path Control Point Handle The Path Control Point Handle indicates which points of a path are control points.
Phantom Path Control Handle The Phantom Path Control Handle is a control handle displayed in gray to indicate that it has not been used. This characteristic provides a hint to the TouchDraw 2 application that the handle should function as a control handle in scenarios where the next drawn segment is a curve.
Rotation Handle The Rotation Handle is displayed on shapes (or groups) which can be rotated around their center point. You can use the “function key feature” in conjunction with the rotation handle to rotate figures in increments of 15 degrees.
Center of Rotation Handle The Center of Rotation Handle indicates where the current center of rotation point lies in a selected shape(s) or group of shapes.
Lock Handle The Lock Handle indications that the selected figure (or group) is currently locked, which means it cannot be resized or moved.
Connection Handle The Connection Handle indications that the selected line can be used to connect to figures.
Gradient Location Handle The Gradient Location Handle indicates the current center location of a gradient fill within a figure(s) or group of figures.

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